PiYo Journal – Week 2

by Tuesday, June 24, 2014

**These posts were created prior to posting – though I have completed the program in its entirety, these updates will give you a timeline to progress. 

If you’ve been following my PiYo updates (get signed up here) you may be thinking to yourself, that’s just really NOT for me.  I don’t need to do 10154933_509177162526803_7504113991820810347_nyoga, I need to have weights and cardio in my life, you NEED this more than you think!  Our test group is filled with guys and girls, and let me tell you that even the guys are highly surprised by how challenging this program is so far.  It’s not yoga, it’s not pilates, it’s PiYo.  It’s challenging, it’s pushing me to my flexibility limits, and it is giving me an amazingly sweaty workout nearly every day so far.

PiYo Week 1

Week 1 workouts, we focused a lot on alignment, shorter workouts, making sure that things like posture are on point.  I had Alignment, Upper Body, Lower Body, Sweat, and repeated those.  (We do have one rest day per week).  Sweat is a crazy awesome workout and in Week 1 going from slow moving workouts like Alignment, I was not ready for it whatsoever! I was sweating BUCKETS after it was done (and I was very sore for days after).  If you’re not into tricep push-ups you better be ready for a challenge.  Chalene Johnson LOVES the tricep push-up.  My goal is to make it through every workout doing the tricep push-ups on my toes.  Week 1, I was about 1/3 on my toes and then moved to modifications on my knees.

I had a great eating week this week.  During the cruise I managed to gain about 5 pounds from what I lost on the 21 Day Fix, so I was really focused to make sure that I could get rid of that first.  The nutrition guide is SUPER simple to follow and really after completing the Fix, it totally mirrors that guide which was a great thing to see.  So I’m definitely still in “color” mode when it comes to food! After the first week I lost the weight that I gained with the cruise so I was pretty happy with that accomplishment!

PiYo Week 2

1520778_514250598686126_2609614816472566603_nWeek 2 workouts, we are still doing Lower Body, Upper Body, & Sweat and now we added a new one in called Core.  This baby is 30 min. of INTENSE core work.  Just when you think you have a strong core you are challenged with something like this.  But, our little secret, I think this is my new favorite so far.  There’s this move that is a side plank to, hip bend, to PiYo pike, then roll up.. Yeah, it is just as challenging as it sounds, it’s quite humbling to say the least.  My midsection (back, abs, obliques, everything) was pretty sore for a couple of days after this one. So far the workouts in PiYo are challenging me to go a little deeper in every stretch, to hold the planks a little longer, and to NOT stop and take any breaks.

My nutrition was definitely NOT on spot this week.  (Remember, I’m always going to be honest: the good, the bad and the ugly).  I went to the casino one night and had a couple of cocktails and also “rewarded” myself with a pizza night for having 2 good days.  I have to remind myself to stay focused and committed because I shouldn’t be rewarding myself with food, I’m not a dog.  I should be rewarding myself with a new yoga mat!!! #Smile.  Today was Easter.  I had a good eating day as far as “regular” food goes.  At our Easter lunch, I had ham, cauliflower, asparagus, and fruit.  My portions were spot on and good choices and then my grandma brought out my favorite dessert.  I did have a piece, with a few pieces of candy here and there too.  I drank my Shakeology for dinner tonight to try to help even it out and make sure that I got it in as well for my day.

PiYo Week 2 Feelings & Results

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)Right now, I’m feeling really down on myself because I know that this is an opportunity that I was given and blessed with and I have not been very focused and utilizing it to the full potential.  I’m struggling with the nutrition because I let my willpower fall.  I know that the nutrition guide is not difficult because I did it for awhile before with the 21 Day Fix and was focused, but right now I’m just a mess.  I’m letting my emotional eating issues get the best of me and it clearly causes problems with my physical results.

Physically, I can feel that I’m growing stronger and surprisingly I am seeing a little bit of results.  Because week 2 was a mess for nutrition, the scale hasn’t changed for me (and I’m not doing measurements until I hit the 30 day mark).  I am one step closer to a goal of mine  though! This week when I was doing Sweat, I made it through the entire workout until the absolute FINAL set of tricep push-ups doing them on my toes! THAT is a great nonscale victory in my book! #BOOM.

This program has been the ONLY program that I have ever done that I haven’t had to talk myself into working out.  I look forward to every workout each day and that is NOT an exaggeration or a lie.  I have not missed a single workout, and fitness is now FUN for me!  I’m really looking forward to the next 2 weeks and can’t wait to watch how this program changes my body.

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  • Jen
    July 23, 2015

    Did you keep going with the PiYo program? I don’t see anymore updates past the 2 week one so I was just curious if you had any results after 60 days?